Termonfechin Parish Zambia Links

Termonfechin parish is linked with the Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa in St. Paul’s parish in Lusaka, Zambia and also with the parish of St. Mary of the Assumption, Chilanga on the outskirts of Lusaka. The aim of this outreach is to develop and build a mutual relationship between our parish communites. Each year, volunteers will travel from Termonfechin parish to Lusaka in July for 2-3 weeks. 

The communities we are connected with are largely high density urban with very poor and underprivileged people with high unemployment.

Our fundamental view of the outreach programme is IMMERSION, CONSISTANCY AND EMPOWERMENT. This is practically demonstrated by our immersion, insofar as is possible, into the parish community. We will stay within the parish in host accommodation. By our ongoing and long-term engagement we will be consistent in our approach and relationship building. Our aim is to empower the locals to become strong, independent and self-sufficient. 

What do volunteers do? 

Volunteers will help in whatever way that is needed by the local community. To date, this has entailed assisting in classrooms, painting the school building, doing school retreats and host workshops to empower women to develop income generating programmes. 

The most important skill of a volunteer is to be a witness to gospel values by being present to the people that each one encounters. 

Physical and academic skills, whilst helpful, are not essential. But each volunteer should be able to be open to learning from those we encounter as much as to bring something of themselves.

Fr. Collins Moonga and his parish team with Fr. Paul and some Irish visitors

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