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Welcome to Termonfechin Parish

Mass Re-Opening
Alleluia! We are reopening for public worship.  Mass will be celebrated publicly in the parish from Tuesday 11th May @ 9.30a.m. in the Immaculate Conception church. From that date we will revert back to the pre-Covid rota – Mon, Tues, Fri, in Termonfeckin and Wed in Sandpit.  Our Sunday rota will also return to the pre-Covid schedule – Immaculate Conception Sat 7p.m. Sun 11.00a.m.  Please note we will revert back to 11.00a.m.;  Assumption 9.30a.m.

We are still restricted to having only 50 in the church of the Assumption but up to 70 in the church of the Immaculate Conception, due to the 2 pod system. Groups of 4 or more will be asked to enter the church by the side doors and take their places in the front pod.  Holy Communion will be distributed at the end of Mass. 

The area distribution used during the Covid period is no longer in use.  People are free to attend whatever Mass they choose.

In the middle of April we launched our ALPHA online programme. Each Thursday evening our programme is aimed at youth (16-35) and Friday evening for adults. So far we have a considerable number of people doing both sessions.  Please continue to pray for them and the team leading them.  If you feel you'd like to join then why not email the co-ordinator @ and pop in for a session or two!

Thank you again to all who continue to support the parish financially.  Unfortunately, due to the various closures, the parish income has fallen by 20%.  Hopefully this won't impact too much on any programmes or other future expenditure.

The parish has recently signed up with "Payzone". People are now able to make online and contactless payments for our various collections and fundraising initiatives. A QR code will be published on the website and the parish Facebook as well as on the parish newsletter.  This code will be available in various locations in the churches and at the parish cemetery to help those who wish to make contactless donations.

If you would like to continue to offer your financial support to the parish please see below.

Bank Transfer:
Bank Of Ireland
Termonfechin Parish No. 1 Account
IBAN: IE83 BOFI 9033 2234 3121 76
In all cases please include your name and address and if you are a weekly envelope user please insert your envelope number.  Thank you for your ongoing support.

Image of Termonfechin Parish Church
Please check on our Zambia page for updates on our Emergency Feeding Fundraiser for the people of St. Monica parish in Lusaka

Mass Times

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Mass - 9:30am
Mass - 9:30am
Church of the Assumption Mass - 9:30am
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Mass - 9:30am
Vigil Mass - 7pm
Mass - 11am
Church of the Assumption Mass - 9:30am